with the Primary Goal being to Build Businesses and Brands

As a marketing agency with more than 30 years experience, Value Added has an enviable reputation for partnering with clients
to build their businesses and brands.

It’s always difficult to segment the range of the services that we offer because, in many cases Value Added provides a brand custodial role – a mix of the services outlined below that are structured to meet the specific needs over a period of time.

Web Design

Your website is an essential representation of your business and leaves a lasting impression on potential clients or partners. Given that search engines drive the majority of traffic to your site, it is crucial to ensure that the information they seek is readily available and easy to find.

Corporate Identities

Your corporate or brand identity reflects the personality of your business, leaving a lasting impression on customers. While the logo is crucial, elements like typography, colors, and strict application guidelines play an equally, if not more, important role in creating a strong identity.


Great packaging balances the elements of branding, product name, description, legal requirements and physical attributes like product protection, stackability, and on-shelf impact enhance the appeal of the product to stand out on the shelf at the moment of truth for the shopper.

Eskort Butchery


Retail environments create the brand experience through distance brand identification, store frontage, and entrance. Clear branding attracts shoppers, while upper tier signage helps orientate them. Mood enhancement directs attention to vital product displays.

Catalogues & Brochures

Displaying your full product range or new products/services in a creative and easy to access manner is key with peoples’ shortening attention span. The quickest route to find an item and the relevant information seamlessly, particularly in the online format is crucial. We’ll help you to build in that experience.

Media & Production

With our expertise and specialist partners we offer concept development, copy writing, story-boarding, direction, supervision, material production, media strategy, negotiation with the media providers, booking and placing in the right format for each medium and at the price and time.

Digital Content

Once your social media strategy is in place, creating content for social posts becomes the greater challenge. Relevance is key as are fresh ideas and unique content are both key to retain interest. Using own and stock images is the starting point but consistency in branding, creating animations, video content and elements that engage with theĀ  audience is where we can assist.


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